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The Clinic and BR&T suppot Autism Fundraisers

Patient Information

Frequently Asked Questions about the Clinic:

1. My child is not special needs - do you offer primary pediatric care?

      The Clinic offers care to ALL children of ALL abilities! With specialized training providers, our Clinic can uniquely assess, diagnose, and treat children in their early stages for specialized care. The Clinic always considers a whole child, including environmental and overall wellness, when considering care and treatments.

2. Is there a waitlist to become a new patient?

    Appointments are available to special needs children who are cash pay. The clinic is at capacity for special needs patients with Medicaid. Appointments are available for Neurotypical kids with direct membership, cash pay, and Medicaid. Please fill out our New Patient Intake Form for more information and to begin becoming a patient.

3. What Insurance does the Clinic Accept?

    The Clinic now offers more ways to join our healthcare family than ever! We accept Aetna, Cigna, Medicaid Direct and all NC Medicaid managed care PHPs. We also accept all 4 tailored Medicaid plans. We have a schedule of fees for direct cash payments and a superbill should you choose to personally submit the claim to your insurance company (we do not offer assistance with this). We are NOW offering a Direct Membership Model for families who choose the Clinic for its healthcare and wellness community. The Membership provides affordable access to care with monthly membership fees instead of fee-for-service billing.

4. I am a current patient, How can I access my child's patient information, including billing and appointments?

    All of your child's information can be found easily on the chARM portal, including; appointment reminders, notes from prior visits, prescriptions, diagnoses, bills, and invoices.

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