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Wilmington's only pediatric practice offering Integrative Medicine for  both primary care and complex needs children

Clinic for Special Children

Meet Dr. Dixon

About Dr. Karen Harum, MD, FAAP

The Clinic for Special Children was founded by Dr. Karen Harum, MD, FAAP, to provide accurate diagnosis, whole child treatments, specialty care, and consultation for children with developmental disabilities and behavioral problems, including special expertise in the neuroscience of learning and autism.

Our vision at the Clinic for Special Children is to improve the quality of your child's life by providing the resources for accurate diagnosis, comprehensive treatments, and therapeutic interventions for general pediatrics and various developmental and behavioral disorders. 

Dr. Harum is a MAPS Member and a recent recipient of the Smart Start Championship Award and the North Carolina Medical Society Golden Stethoscope.


Margaret Pietruczuk, APN

Margaret cares for primary care patients at the Clinic.

Elizabeth Darlington, RN

Liz is the Director of the Brain Restoration and Therapeutics Program at the Clinic, including intravenous therapies and HBOT.


Services Available at the Clinic

Primary Care

Health strategies using nutritional, lactation, nutraceutical, sleep, and behavioral coaching.

Biomedical Testing & Treaments

Testing useful in identifying problems, and in determining what course of action will restore health.

Special Needs Primary Care

Health strategies using nutritional, lactation, nutraceutical, sleep, and behavioral coaching.

PANS/PANDAS Evaluation & Diagnosis

Evaluation and diagnosis of suspected autoimmune issues/immune system dysfunction.

Health and Wellness

Health strategies using nutritional, lactation, nutraceutical, sleep, and behavioral coaching.

ADHD Testing & Treatment

Individualized treatment plans will lessen your child's symptoms and improve quality of life.



Intravenous nutritional infusions of brain-building nutrients, anti-inflammatory drugs and hydration.

Autism Evaluation & Diagnosis

Treated with gentle care gained through a strong understanding of factors behind the brain disorder.


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Payment Options

Insurance Options

 Medicaid Direct, Medicare, UHC Medicaid, AMH-Caritas Medicaid, WellCare Medicaid, Health Blue Medicaid, and Carolina Complete Health Medicaid. Trillium, Vaya, Alliance, and Partners.

Although The Clinic is credentialled with Medicaid and Medicare, we are currently at capacity, with a waitlist, for new patients with these plans. 

The Clinic offers a unique Membership Program that puts families in control of their Health and Wellness.

Cash Payments and Care Credit options are available. 

Interested in becoming a patient or seeking one of the Clinic's Services? Please fill out the New Patient Information Form and our front desk will be in touch as quickly as possible.


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Monday-Friday: 8am to 5pm

Saturday: 10am to 2pm

Sunday: Closed

432 Eastwood Road, Ste 200, Wilmington NC, 28403

Phone: 910-319-7744

Fax: 910-319-7754

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