We Treat

Complex medical problems – complex neurodevelopmental problems – common cold and minor illnesses, – allergies and sensitivities – environmental toxins – intestinal dysfunction – genetic defects and syndromes - common behavioral concerns

Examples include autism, encephalopathic regression into autism, ADHD, ADD, feeding disorders, rashes, constipation, expressive language disorders, sore throat, vitamin deficiencies, cerebral palsy, routine child care, immunizations.

Our Approach

We recognize your child as a complex and unique person. We believe our job is to go beyond treating your child’s health. We treat the whole child.

We approach your child's health holistically; paying attention not only to their medical history but also their nutritional status, mental development, biological and genetic individuality, and emotions. A team approach is used to provide coordinated services and care.

What that means for your child is an overall better experience and healthcare that is mindful of wellness, attitude, and continued growth even after you leave our office. 

Clinic for Special Children offers a full array of services to help your child attain and maintain good health.

Integrative General Pediatric Care

  • On-call physician access
  • Unrushed office visits
  • Mid-day, same-day sick appointments
  • Routine well-child examinations, preteen and teen examinations, school and sports physicals
  • Care management
  • Routine childhood vaccinations with full informed consent
  • Consultations for chronic illness
  • Coordination of hospital and specialist care
  • Nutritional counsleing for kids and their parents
  • Nutraceutical therapy
  • Nutrition, lactation, and sleep coaching

Autism Spectrum Disorder Evaluation and Diagnosis

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