Treating the Cause of Allergies

Would you like to treat the cause of allergies, not just the symptoms? Your child may be identified as a candidate for allergy drops, also known as sublingual immunotherapy. Allergy drops work like allergy shots, slowly desensitizing the body to its allergies, but they’re delivered under the tongue in a drop form that can be taken safely at home. Allergy drops can effectively treat a broad range of allergies, including pollens, dander and other environmental allergies as well as foods, mold, and chemical sensitivities.

Step One: Evaluation and Testing
Based on a physical examination and allergy history, we will order a series of blood tests to identify which allergens are affecting your child. Results of the tests will be available for your return visit in two to three weeks, at which time we will review your child’s treatment plan with you.

Step Two: Treatment Plan
Based on your child’s history, physical examination, and test results, a treatment plan will be developed that includes prescribing custom-formulated allergy drops. We might also recommend environmental changes and medication for symptom relief, however, most patients who take allergy drops find that their need for medication decreases soon after allergy drop therapy begins.

You can learn more about sublingual drops from the following informational video.

We look forward to assisting your child with allergy symptom relief, and more importantly, improved immune function.

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