Meet Haley Handera

Meet Haley
Haley Handera - Registered Nurse

After travelling around the country Haley Handera says she has finally found her forever home. “We are staying. We can see ourselves settling down here to raise our family. We made a list of what we were looking for in a city, like access to a beach, with a small town feeling, airport, and more summer than winter, and for us Wilmington checks every box."

Haley joined the Clinic for Special Children in 2021 as our Registered Nurse. “I did not always dream of becoming a nurse. I started my adult life with a love for traveling and helping people, so I became a travel agent, and it was a fun career! But then I started a family and I wanted something more, so I went to nursing school. It was a way to help people in a much bigger way." She received her ASN from Allegany College of Maryland, and BSN from Western Governors University. Haley has also completed an Advanced Science and Therapeutics certification in Cannabis Medicine from Radicle Health, and is a member of the American Cannabis Nursing Association.

Haley has been an RN in four states working as Assistant Clinical Director of Hospice in Maryland, charge nurse on a Medical/Surgical floor at WVU Hospital in WV, surgical PACU and Women’s Hospital PACU, and cath lab in Texas, and as a Med-Surg float nurse at NHRMC. “Being a Registered Nurse is now my passion and implementing holistic approaches to science and basic health has become my catalyst to try to change the world.”

Haley grew up in Western Maryland. She is married with three children. Her husband is a Physician with Wilmington Health. In her spare time she likes to be outdoors. She likes hiking, biking, yoga, meditating, reading, and watching her kids rock climb and play soccer. Meanwhile she is also working on her masters in psychology focusing on Neuroscience and the brain as well as writing a nonfiction novel.

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