Community Support And Coaching

Community Support

Our goal is to empower those in our community by providing health education and resources. We coordinate with community partners in creating prevention and wellness programs, which leads to healthier communities. Clinic for Special Children participates in the annual Coastal NC Run/Walk for Autism, sponsors Hair Cuts and Hay Rides, and Quiet Santa. Future planned community activities include a Birthday Club for patients--all who join the club are invited to all other club members' birthday parties and vice versa, promoting participation in social activities in a supportive environment; a Disability Fair, and Goodie Bags provided to First Responders (EMS, Police, and FD) to make interactions in urgent and emergent situations less frightening.


We provide fully individualized nutritional, lactation, and sleep coaching for the safe, ideal holistic care of your child.

Nutritional coaching, following a nutritional assessment, may include guidance on a specialty diet that may be of benefit to your child, based on lab results. These might include good sources of nutrients to supplement when your child is deficient. The coaching may also include tips and techniques on how best to get your child to broaden their diet and/or how to "hide" important non-preferred foods in non-traditional forms, which your child might find more acceptable.

Lactation coaching may include assisting new mothers in preventing and solving breastfeeding challenges such as sore nipples, low milk supply and babies who have difficulty latching.

Sleep coaching, following a sleep assessment, may include tips and techniques to prepare your child's environment and body for sleep as well as sleep hygiene techniques.

Autism Spectrum Disorder Evaluation and Diagnosis

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